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13 Oct

Parenting Secrets Revealed

Posted in Home and Family on 13.10.15

What educators, instructors, and coaches don’t want you to know about the pressures facing youngsters in performance activities. Learn the truth revealing the turmoil families may encounter when kids are ―pushed to perform” in competitive endeavors. So your little Susie wants to join a competitive gymnastic club? You conclude that this is going to be great fun! Maybe, you even think this is just the ticket your bouncy little girl needs to get rid of her pent-up energy while meeting ...

12 Oct

Winter sports insurance: what your policy should cover

Posted in Finance on 12.10.15

uying ski insurance for a holiday on the slopes is essential. Making sure that you are informed about ski insurance will help you to ensure that you are protected against every eventuality on your trip. As long as you carry out your holiday activities safely and do not put yourself in unnecessary danger where good warning has been given, your travel insurance should cover all eventualities. Everyone deserves a safe holiday, and winter sports enthusiasts are no exception. Looking online is often ...

11 Oct

Ice Skating in Leicester for a Complete Enjoyment and Fun

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 11.10.15

In winter ice skating in Leicester can be a perfect pastime and fun for you and whole of your family. You will find a few well-established state of the art rinks in the center of the city. These ice skating rinks offers outdoor ice skating on an excellent ice turf during winter season and if you or any member of your family wants to enjoy, ice skating in Leicester outdoor rink is the perfect venue. Ice skating in Leicester is open for a period of six week during this winter starting from 22nd ...

10 Oct

See the Birthday of Britney Spears & Other 1980s Star Babies

Posted in News and Society on 10.10.15

The 1980s was a glorious decade to say the least. This decade initiated great cultural and technological advances which still are shaping the world in which we live today. Companies launched in this decade include CNN, MTV, USA Today, and technology unleashed in this decade were the video recorder, personal computer, compact discs, satellite dishes and the grandaddy of video games today - Pac-Man. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, babies were nursing, beggining to crawl, walk or ...

09 Oct

Lessons From the Olympics for Your Business

Posted in Business on 09.10.15

Are you all caught up in the Olympics for the last week and a half? If so, you aren't alone. Did you know there are lessons to be learned for your own business, when you watch the events? Businesses are doing great with an association to the Olympics - and you can use the same tactics as the businesses and as the athletes - to boost your sales. Business branding has come a long way - the Olympics have allowed a good avenue for companies to showcase their products. For some, the insertion of ...

08 Oct

Skating And Cooking In One Show

Posted in Food and Beverage on 08.10.15

US skating champ Brian Boitano embarks on a new career as he hosts a fortchcoming cooking show entitled "What Would Brian Boitano Make?". Boitano shares that opening a restaurant is his lifelong dream. But because of his touring and skating competition schedule would not permit him to do so, hosting a cooking show is the closest thing to his dream so far. Boitano rose to worldwide recognition when he won the men’s figure skating title during the Winter Olympics held in Calgary back in 1988. ...

07 Oct

Osteopaths Perspective of Winter Sports

Posted in News and Society on 07.10.15

Its the time of year when winter sports are in fashion, and yet many people chose to stay on their sitting-room sofas rather than go out and get some exercise.  The main reason why many choose to stay sedentary during this icy season is because the cold and darkness are not exactly motivating, and this is exactly why people put on a few extra pounds over the period of November to February. To remedy this, some of the worlds leading physicians and osteopaths have a look at the ways in which ...

06 Oct

A Day of Cat Skiing

Posted in Sports and Fitness on 06.10.15

Snowcat skiing offers strong-intermediate and expert skiers full-service guided tours into remote high-mountain regions. Powder snow and ―fresh tracks” are the norm. Uphill transportation is provided by a tracked snowcat equipped with a warm, comfortable passenger cab. They usually accommodate 12 guests, two guides and a driver. Some snowcat operators are based in towns or near highways and offer guests continued access to ―civilization”. In some cases, guests use local ...

05 Oct

Review of the Original Dance from the 2005 World Figure Skating

Posted in Sports and Fitness on 05.10.15

/p> The judges ranking and their score for the OD are in parentheses. 1) Belbin/Agosto (2, 67.54) It is quite ironic that after spending all season complaining bout how much I dislike this program that I am ranking it first at worlds. But I feel they were the clear winners of the OD. They attacked this program and nailed everything. I got a good laugh at the British Eurosport's commentators trying to find something about this performance to criticize and coming up with 'Their arms weren't ...

04 Oct

Countdown to the US Figure Skating National Championships

Posted in Marketing on 04.10.15

Nationals are one of the most anticipated events in U.S. figure skating every year, and the January 2010 event holds special significance because it will determine the makeup of the figure skating contingent to the Vancouver Olympics in February 2010. This year, the United State will only be able to send two ladies skaters to the Olympics, due to placements at the World Championships in 2009. This fact will be highly discussed in the media during nationals and at the Olympics. The U.S. will be ...