Dating Website Development 北京拟推共有产权 女生被舍友欺凌

Man has been trying to cope with the vagaries of time and space over hundreds of decades but he has also gradually learnt to overcome it with panache. In fact, in today’s fast world of computers, competition and speed, people would almost lose out on the finer feelings of life, like romance. Thanks to the rapid dating website development across the globe that men and women have found the scope to meet, chat and grow in relationships. The dating websites facilitate singles, couples and communities to come together on the Internet and share their views and ideas. It serves as an online platform for people to spend some quality time chitchatting with old friends or looking out for someone to strike a date with. Karmick Solutions provides you with a near-perfect dating website design. Commonly, a dating website is expected to comprise the following features: Registration of Members Profile Search Various Membership Deals (Platinum, Silver,Gold) Online Payment (PayPal/Payment Gateway) Friends, Community List and Blocked Member Index View Online Status Internal Messaging System Instant Messaging System In order to possess an ideal podium for dating website development your website would do better to revolve around the following factors: See to it that you provide the feature of ‘auto approve’, through which the profiles of visitors get automatically approved without the manual intervention of the administrator. Provide the option of ‘advanced search’ to the members. This will allow the member to enter a more detailed information while searching for somebody. Make sure that the Software is built with ASP/.Net/PHP and MS SQL Server 2000/ MySQL. Online dating custom-made software uses a strong database engine to let in thousands of members on website. Provide the option of multiple templates, allowing the user to access any of them any day, according to his/her mood swings. Allow the customers to use Credit Card processing Payment Processing at zero additional cost. Arrange for convenient site statistics, like ‘pending profiles’, ‘active profiles’, ‘online profiles’. Make available to yourself options for Search Engine Optimization along with meta tags and URL-rewriting. Karmick Solutions, with its cutting edge technology, has taken dating website development to a higher pedestal, providing up-to-the-minute features to accommodate your desires, save a lot of time, help you reconnect with old friends and acquaintances and even find a partner. It offers brilliant professional web designing services with custom graphics like icons, logos, buttons, and backdrops for each and every page of your dating website. However, it also provides the following services: Real Estate Web Development Company E-commerce Web Development India Financial Website Development Web Content Management ERP Solution CRM Application WebSite Builder Software 相关的主题文章: