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Cubase 6 Und 7 Crack ? By: Tiffany Whinham | Oct 20th 2013 – Steinberg should actually feel special for this. Check out the set up photos for proof. " Acknowledged Crew AiR on an interview. We hope to answer these questions afterward. For now, hold producing! Tags: Rudimentary Criteria In Cubase 7 Across The Uk By: Martin Frost | May 18th 2013 – A lot of people get scared when they hear the word mastering, and to tell you the truth, you should be. Calling yourself a deep house guy or a dubstep guy, because when that fad passes on you go with it and everyone is now realizing that. Then someone stole my turntables and all of my vinyl and I was so devastated that I st … Tags: How To Guide: Importing Rex Files Into Logic Pro & Midi Into Fl Studio By: Mike Sinton | Dec 16th 2011 – We take a look at importing REX files (Recycle!) into Apple’s Logic Pro sequencer software in OS X. Recycle or REX loop files are very useful since they contain tempo and slice data for the loop, making them easy to edit and re-arrange in your sequencer software. Almost all major sequencer software titles now support REX fi … Tags: How To Guide: Importing Rex Files Into Logic Pro And Midi Into Fl Studio By: Mike Sinton | Sep 12th 2011 – Recycle or REX loop files are very useful since they contain tempo and slice data for the loop, making them easy to edit and re-arrange in your sequencer software. Almost all major sequencer software titles now support REX file import including Reason, Cubase, Logic, Sonar & Ableton Live. Tags: Which Daw Is Best – Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Or Cubase? By: Dave Garnish | Jul 19th 2011 – Have you ever wondered which DAW is better out of all the main ones? It’s a question we get asked all the time here at Garnish School of Sound. Al Riley and Dave Garnish give their contrasting opinion and hopefully help you make up your mind. Tags: Creating Music Using Garageband By: Mark Spacey | Feb 11th 2011 – In the every growing world of music, artists are striving to make a lifestyle for themselves. A large portion of the music industry is focused solely around recording and recording techniques. One valuable recording technique that is important for every rising musician to know is the ability to use dj samples and midi loop … Tags: How To Collaborate Making Beats. By: Jake Poore | Feb 10th 2011 – In this article I discuss different ways to collaborate making beats. Mainly, how to collaborate when you are not in the same room. Tags: Must Have"��s For Rap Beats By: Jake Poore | Feb 3rd 2011 – In this article I discuss a couple of different tools that I use to make beats. These are a couple of the most recent additions to my arsenal of plug ins that I use on a daily basis. I have found the following to be very useful. Tags: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Hip Hop Producer By: Rob Rox | Jan 27th 2011 – How many times have you watched a music video or a music concert and thought I could have created that music, well here’s your chance. Being a hip hop producer is a very lucrative business but the music industry can be a very ruthless place and it takes a special person with a love of their art to succeed. Tags: Explore Computer Based Digital Audio Workstation By: simth lara | Jan 2nd 2011 – Supporting multi-track recording & monitoring Digital Audio Workstation is the best option and to make our economy strong, world has moved towards the "DAW" (Digital Audio Workstation) and our own "Home Recording Studio" through which we can save a huge amount of money if it’s done correctly, and if it is not, it can cost j … Tags: Creating Music At Home – Why It’s Much Easier Today By: G. Dauberman | Dec 7th 2010 – Although people have made music at home for along time, the advancements in music technology over the years have made it easier and easier to go it alone in the music creation process. This article will take a look through the progress that music technology has made over the years. Tags: How To Write Songs And Teach Yourself The Guitar By: Fitness | Nov 29th 2010 – Should you write the lyrics first, or the music? This is often something I contradict myself with, and it all depends on the songwriter. When bands write songs together they usually split the music and the lyrics between them. My concern is that sometimes, when you have written the music and lyrics separately, you can tell. … Tags: Music Creation Software – What Are Your Options? By: Samuel Paxon | Nov 13th 2010 – There are many music creating software products available that cater to the musical needs of kids, aspiring musicians and advanced users. Here is a look at some of the quality music creating software products that are worth your investment. Tags: Make Music At Home With Dj Samples On Your Computer By: Mark Spacey | Nov 7th 2010 – As technology advances, computers and applications become cheaper and better at an astounding rate. Once limited to large expensive studios, electronic music can now be made at home easier and cheaper than you think. Read more. Tags: Free Music Beat Maker Software By: Peter Steeile | Oct 17th 2010 – Everybody is searching to get a great totally free beat generating program nowadays to pursue their ambitions of belting out foot tapping numbers. Digital new music is definitely an extraordinary method to express your creativeness and several much more individuals are starting to achieve this utilizing software program for … Tags: Professional Audio Equipment News: The Jammin Pro Acoustic 505 Guitar By: Mark Etinger | Oct 16th 2010 – The article is all about the Jammin Pro Acoustic 505 Guitar. Tags: Image Line Drum Synths: Do They Deliver? By: George McLomb | Sep 1st 2010 – Several parameters are included for easy modification, such as thickness, material, tension and shaping. These all shape the sounds in different ways, and you can experiment in real time thanks to its real-time modulation engine which allows for this. Tags: Music Production Mixed With Chaos By: George McLomb | Sep 1st 2010 – The chaos is in the techniques and approach we’ll discuss – we’ll keep this article to a few regular English paragraphs and do nothing chaotic. I bet you’re on your toes now! Tags: Creating Rap Beats By: Josh Landry… | Aug 20th 2010 – This article right here will show you how you can begin creating your very own rap and hip hop beats. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this and at first glance it does seem quite easy in theory. Tags: Finding The Right Recording Studios Software By: Danielle Saige | Jul 23rd 2010 – This article will help to choose the best software that are used by the recording studios. Tags: Melodyne Dna Review. Great Piece Of Kit But What’s It For? By: Dave Garnish | Jul 17th 2010 – As impressive as selecting and manipulating individual notes within a polyphonic audio file is, I can’t think of a single use for Melodyne DNA at home or at Garnish School of Sound. Acapellas are unusable, I don’t want or need to ‘lift’ other people musical elements, I will always know how the chords are going to go very ea … Tags: Sample Cost In Building A Studio By: Guy Ruggieri. | Jul 6th 2010 – It is very important to distinguished the difference between budget and cost. Of course we know that budget is defined as the amount of money you are willing to pay buy the equipment and to get the studio going While Cost, is of course the amount you end up paying. The two mostly interchanged, but for sure you know what is … Tags: Various Kinds Of Guitar Amps By: Alexdavid | Jun 18th 2010 – Once you selected the guitar, the person needs a good amp to use a guitar. Now a day there are different varieties of configuration found in guitar they are size, sound and amplifier. Tags: How Can I Purchase Guitar? By: Alexdavid | Jun 16th 2010 – In these days, the kids like to listen to all type of music which is played in the television. It"��s not kid"��s mistake music is a beautiful art right from ancient days it"��s not kid"��s mistake. Tags: How To Guide: Importing Midi Into Fl Studio & Cubase By: Mark Spacey | Jun 14th 2010 – Our How to guides series take a quick look at importing MIDI files like those you’ll find here on DMS and assigning one of FL Studio’s built-in synths to play the sequence. Read More. Tags: How To Guide: Cubase Midi Tips By: Mark Spacey | Jun 8th 2010 – Starting off with a new piece of software can often seem a daunting process, so let’s take a look through some basic processes in Cubase and kick-start your knowledge database! Remember to check out our glossary if you need some help with any of the technical terms used in this or any of our tutorials. Read More. Tags: Record And Create Your Mp3s Live From Your Dwelling By: Amy Wells | May 2nd 2010 – There was no substitution for an excellent recording job carried out in an expert recording studio. Now with the rising recognition of digital PC recording and the low value of recording software program, many individuals are re-pondering the idea of house recording. Tags: Copyright Your Songs, Music And Lyrics – A How-to Guide By: Thomas Buck | Apr 29th 2010 – Copyrighting your artistic works does not have to be as complicated as some people say it is. You already own the copyright to your works, but you need to collect proof in case anyone challenges you. This guide will show you how. Tags: Latest Information About Home Recording Studio By: recordingrevews | Jan 26th 2010 – if consumers want to have home recording studio at home then should start learining about the recording techniques and also about home recording constructions. Tags: Professional Beat Maker Reveals How To Get Started Making Rap Beats By: Soup Wonton | Nov 25th 2009 – I’ve been making rap beats and selling them to unsigned rap artists for a while now. Many of my friends ask me how I got started doing this, so I decided to make a guide about it. The reason that making these beats is so enticing is because of the relative simplicity of rap music. Unless you want to just make instrumentals, … Tags: Good Guitar Practice – 4 Tips To Have Effective Practices And Improve Faster By: Kyle Hoffman | Oct 23rd 2009 – Sometimes it can be difficult to work in the guitar practice you need to improve faster, so you need to make sure you’re using your time effectively when you get it. Here are some of the elements that create an effective and good guitar practice. Tags: Mixing Music: 5 Tips For A Professional Mix By: Justine Shoolman | Oct 1st 2009 – Learn effective music mixing tips from the pros. These five tips are sure to get your mixing process off to a professional start. Tags: Hardstyle Kick Drum Tutorial By: Mark Spacey | Jul 5th 2009 – Tutorial shows how to make a nustyle kick in Junglist. Follow the instructions and experiement for your own awesome beats! Tags: Knowing Where To Start Dance Music Production By: Mark Spacey | Jun 4th 2009 – Article discusses where to start if you are new to music production. Detailing the software and experience that is needed and where to get MIDI samples from. Tags: Choosing A Music Sequencer To Produce Dance Music Tracks By: Mark Spacey | Feb 12th 2009 – Article discusses the best music sequencers that there are to use that enable you to create great dance music tracks from the comfort of your home pc. Tags: How Do You Get Into Making Dance Music Tracks? By: Mark Spacey | Feb 4th 2009 – So, you’ve seen your mates effortlessly make dance tracks on their computer and you fancy having a go yourself, but what do you need to achieve this? This article will discuss the computer software you may need to get your foot on the ladder. Tags: Is Nuendo The Right Choice For Your Home Recording Studio? By: Marvin J Markus | Dec 31st 2008 – You need to consider a few things before choosing your recording software to be used with your computer based music studio. Tags: Recording Music With Your Computer By: Marvin J Markus | Dec 21st 2008 – The essentials that you must have for your home music recording studio. Tags: Choosing The Right Recording Studio Tools By: Jerry Glynn | Aug 28th 2008 – This article provides tips to help beginners select the best equipment for their recording studio needs. Tags: How To Record Guitar At Home Using Direct Recording By: Richard Marples | Jan 13th 2008 – Recording directly basically involves plugging into some sort of interface or desktop unit that gets your guitar into the computer using a USB or Firewire cable. From then on in, everything such as speaker simulation, amp modeling, eq’s, effects, compressors is entirely software based in some sort of audio pr … Tags: Capturing The Muse – Tips And Tricks By: Paul Warren | Sep 3rd 2007 – Some tips for capturing your moment of inspiration while staying on the right side of your brain. Tags: Working Out What You Need For Your Home Recording Studio By: Paul Warren | Jul 27th 2007 – Information to help you work out what you need for your home recording studio;Configuring your home recording studio: how many inputs do I need? Tags: Instantpros Professionals Directory Provides Direct Access To Thousands Of Professionals By: Instant | Jun 2nd 2007 – InstantPros professionals directory provides direct access to thousands of professionals in many different subjects like web design, audio mixing, music production, SEO, Internet Marketing Tags: Musical Instrument Digital Interface – The Midi Trinity By: Bob Miles | May 26th 2007 – Officially, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and it was invented in 1982. These days, it refers to three components: 1. A physical connector between electronic instruments and between electronic instruments and a MIDI controller, usually a keyboard. The connector takes the form of MIDI I … Tags: How To Download Music From Your Brain (or The Next Best Thing!) By: Bob Miles | May 25th 2007 – For many years I have occasionally experienced the following phenomenon: just when I would wake up in the morning, right at the state midway between dreaming and waking, I would gain lucidity but still be able to hear�"’ the tail end of my dream. A song would be playing, a very complex one, perfectly produced in every d … Tags: Modifying Your Midi Composition Using A Sequencer By: Bob Miles | May 21st 2007 – Once you have recorded your musical composition onto a MIDI sequencer, what next? Well, you may have noticed some mistakes in your playing that you want to correct. Or you may want to change the composition to make it sound better. Or you may want to copy your composition into another file and gradually modify it until it b … Tags: Home Studio On A Disc – Midi Musc-making Software By: Bob Miles | Apr 25th 2007 – Over the last few years a not-so-silent revolution has been taking place in the music industry. Advances in technology mean it is now possible for any body with a halfway decent computer to set up a home studio for under a thousand bucks, allowing Mr. Anybody to compose and record their own original music. The music making … Tags: Bring Out The Songwriter In You By: Joe Davies | Nov 27th 2006 – When I first got my guitar on my eleventh birthday, all i wanted to do was play the songs by my favourite rock bands. I brought books that taught you the tabs and chords to play for all their songs. This was a great learning curve for me, and I never had a guitar lesson. Through learning songs by my favourite bands I had ‘i … Tags: 相关的主题文章: