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Network-Marketing Making mistakes is human and that is what makes us grow and become wiser. BUT if we can learn by other’s experiences and avoid making big mistakes, we would all prefer that, right? That is the reason why I am writing this article – so that you don’t have to make the same mistake that I, and MANY other people, have made. For you who is either considering joining FHTM (fortune hi tech marketing) or already have joined this network marketing company, take the time and read this article – for most it will be very useful information. I joined a network marketing company a couple of years ago, and I was very attracted to the thought of becoming financially independent, because that meant freedom to me, and that was exactly what I wanted. I was told that it wouldn’t take much of my time, I just had to talk to my friends and family, get some costumers and find two or three people who would do the same, and I could sit back and the success will soon come to me. So, I went into this industry, thinking that it would be easy for me to succeed – I would for sure succeed, because I wanted this SO bad! You see, I made the biggest mistake that anyone can ever make when joining a network marketing company – I thought it was going to be easy, that it wouldn’t take much time and effort and that I could become successful by using the methods the company told me to use. The failure rate in FHTM, and every other network marketing company, is 95 %! 5 % proves that it IS possible to succeed, but what is it that makes 95 % fail? Are that many people just too lazy? NO! That many people are just following the advices they get from their upline and the company – they write a list of all the people they know, they bring people to hotel meetings, they buy a replicated website and hand out business cards. And even though these methods have been proven WRONG thousands of times, people keep thinking that THEY can do it by doing these things. I want you to become a part of the 5 % who succeeds, and therefore I am telling you to avoid making the same mistake that I made when I joined my network marketing company. Now I know that I did it all wrong, and I know that you have to turn elsewhere to get the right information. If you are serious about succeeding, do yourself a favour and do it right! Learn HOW to grow your business and recognize that it WILL take time and effort, and if you are not ready to take the time to treat your business as a real business, you shouldn’t bother at all. So, take a moment and think about it. Are you ready to learn how you can grow your FHTM business the right way? Because I promise you, if you do it right, you WILL succeed! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: