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Weight-Loss So what qualifies lentils to be placed in a weight loss diet plan? Lentil contains high in protein with a very low fat content, besides containing fibers. This happens to be the best source of sugar stabilizers of the body by providing a steady stream of energy. Thus Lentils helps to avoid crash diets to lose weight fast. Botanically known as Lens culinaris, the lentils belongs to the Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) family, which is commonly referred to as legume family, pea family, bean family or pulse family; this plant gets its name due to the lens shaped seeds. Lentils are the first domesticated crops that have been used as food from ancient times say about ten thousand years back in the area specified as near east. They may be found in various colors such as yellow to orange-red or even brownish black to black. Lentils unlike spinach cannot be eaten without cooking as it contains many anti nutritional factors such as Phytic acid and Tannins. So it is generally advised to cook lentils for about 30 minutes to get these anti nutritional factors destroyed. Lentils happen to be a part of the Mediterranean diet; used in India in various preparations; Lentills soup is very popular in Europe and in the North as well as South America. Lentils have the ability to absorb the flavor of the spices it is being cooked with; so many tasty dishes can be prepared with them. According to the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol.18 Issue 1; 2009) it has been proved scientifically that the protein content of Lentils is only one-fifth the cost of animal protein but the nitrogen absorption and nitrogen balance has been in par with those of animal protein. The above fact makes lentils most preferred protein source among the vegetarians. One can expect twenty-six grams of amino acid from hundred grams of the Lentils but still does not contain the two essential amino acids, namely cystine and methionine. As these amino acids are cannot be synthesized by the human body they have to be supplied from other source which has to be supplemented along with Lentils. For vegetarians this is done by cereals or a little cheese and in case of a non vegetarian, lean meat will do the job. The soluble fiber is known to form a gel like substance in the alimentary canal that prevents the absorption of bile salts so that more of cholesterol is utilized for bile salt production. The soluble fiber also binds with low density lipids (LDL) and helps the cholesterol level to drop considerably. Apart from the soluble fibers Lentils also contains insoluble fibers, which gives a sense of fullness in the stomach so the person tends to eat less and this happens to be a great way in the weight loss management. The fibers in diet also promote digestion by providing a favorable condition for the intestinal flora (useful bacteria) to thrive and prevent constipation by increasing the contents of the fecal matter. The gel also binds with carbohydrates so that it is slowly absorbed by the blood stream. Slow absorption of carbohydrates prevents the insulin spikes, which in turn keeps the hunger at bay. Lentils also contain vitamin C and B. The iron and folic acid increases the production of red blood corpuscles, which increases the oxygen supply to the tissues. Supplying of optimal oxygen to the tissues will increase the burning of energy in the body resulting in a faster metabolism. The high amounts of phosphorus found in lentils helps in electrolyte and fluid balances of the body. Magnesium present in lentils improves blood circulation which enhances the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the sites of requirement. This also helps in burning of energy and providing faster metabolism. Molybdenum is an important trace element found high in Lentils, acts as a co factor for a number of enzymes that catalyze chemicals for metabolizing food into energy. High concentration of Tryptophan is present in Lentil. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid required for the formation of certain tissues. Tryptophan is also required for the formation of serotonin and melatonin in the brain, which are required for sleep and in the prevention of depression. The main objective of this article is to use lentil along with meat or cereals to get the required amino acid profile while implementing safe and effective diets to lose weight fast. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: