it will help to protect the natural moisture of skin and must be applied instantly soon after a bath 大爷公交吊杆飞踹 曝武汉地铁恶心男

Medicine Eczema (also known as dermatitis) is any inflammation of your skin which is characterized by dryness, redness, itching, and the outbreak of lesions. It is does not spread from one person to another. It can affect people of any age, and it is a most common condition in infants and young children. There are seven different types of eczema. 1.Atopic dermatitis 2.Contact eczema 3.Seborrheic eczema 4.Nummular eczema 5.Neurodermatitis 6.Stasis dermatitis 7.Dyshidrotic eczema Symptoms of eczema It can affect on nearly any body part, however, broadly speaking it is more usual on the hands, face, knees, scalp, ankles and inside the elbows. Eczema normally comes out as awfully scratchy patches over the skin. It can worsen when itched; as a matter of fact, itchy skin may seem to be normal till scratched and the painful action may then leads to the rash as well as scales to emerge. Leathery skin, blisters that seep and crust over, redness and soreness in the infected area are the some other symptoms of eczema. Causes of eczema Eczema can be caused by environmental and genetic factors. In some cases dietary allergens, like dairy products, wheat, and sensitivities of particular contents for instance few cosmetic products, detergents, soaps, dust mites, pollen and pet fur can all make eczema worse. In many people it can be cause of allergy for instance asthma. It can be aggravated by water exposure, change in temperature, anxiety and dry climates. Changes in hormones levels can be another factor of eczema. Eczema Treatment Proper skin care is a key element in ascertaining eczema. For couples of individuals mild eczema can be well-managed by modifying their skin care routine and creating a handful of lifestyle changes. But for other individuals with more grievous eczema may require to take medicinal drugs in order to control their symptoms. Some non-medicinal treatments for eczema are: Soft soap: Try to apply a gentle soap that will not dry the skin. These soaps also known as syndets and these are accessible at the medical store (brand names can be recommended by your doctor or pharmacist). Apply good moisturizer: Use a high-quality moisturizer (in any form like cream, ointment or lotion), it will help to protect the natural moisture of skin and must be applied instantly soon after a bath, as well as on an alternative basis. Avoid long showers: Avoid taking extremely hot or prolong baths, which can make your skin dry. Regular exercise and reduce stress: Always do regular exercises and follow steps to abridge stress. Food for eczema: Egg, milk, wheat and peanuts should be eliminated from your diet for a period of four weeks and after this period you can slowly reintroduce them. Take zinc included food such as leafy vegetables, pumpkin and sesame seeds, lentils, tofu, almonds and whole grains. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: