Joseph Lau again Lv Lijun she again vexed, I will expose a deep bomb out-女f4

Joseph Lau Lv Lijun: she went to bother, I have a deep exposure bomb. Joseph Lau and Lv Lijun (data plan) according to Hongkong media reported on November 23rd, "Liu Ganlian" development Liu The path winds along mountain ridges., Joseph Lau and Gambia registered on Friday, three months is famous, too rushed to upgrade Gambi Liu, and Lv Lijun Liu remarried, attitude to soften, Liu blessing! A magazine called Liu earlier issued a statement that Lv Lijun is super rich, but many property have not played big weekly claimed Liu Songli is "nominal", the report also said: "Liu said that Lv Lijun has one billion cash"! Liu said with a close companion of luxury handbags are new handbags, these handbags carried in public, we have to put in the Liu lockers and so on. Liu 23, Hongkong media reported that, for Liu Shou Lv Lijun’s return of luxury handbags, Liu said: "I take any bag with me to buy Hermes with hundreds of millions, Lv Lijun send more than two hundred." Liu said, the two broke up before, had lived in the Perkins road house, he explained that Lv Lijun put our bags in the antique cabinet: "she took over my antique cabinet, is her own swing, so if I would give her two billion cheap, her two billion cash and jewelry are not counted on send her too many to count property, this is she confuse the public. She learned to buy bonds on me, she was a year of debt interest into a billion dollars, I give her cash and jewelry are more than two billion, the other can not count, all have a check record." Liu said: "don’t think Lv Lijun is a family, she (Lv Lijun) two home dad, two rooms five, a total value of sixty million yuan, her mother also received a price of nineteen million yuan per unit, I gave her the floor but she all speculative cash too many to count." Asked about the magazine said Lv Lijun and his ex-wife was strong because Alice Au Liu quit, Liu said: "Lv Lijun is a hundred percent of fools in my eyes, the head is finished, the next second overthrow, her thick skinned dinosaur skin." Liu Lv Lijun revealed: "this person looks more important than life, she asked her brother to borrow one hundred thousand, she can come to borrow, she has so much money." Liu stressed that Miss Lu do not bother: she was tired, I broke a ‘deep bomb’ out." Related: why do marry? Joseph Lau: she is not greedy for money, as people often go to business time: November 22, 2016 source: entertainment and Joseph Lau Gambi 18 has to apply for marriage (map) according to Hongkong media reports, Liu Joseph Lau before the headlines in the newspapers published statement to distance themselves from the relationship with Lv Lijun, leaving a "deep bomb", even several the same day Lv Lijun Liu "air communication", each issued a statement, eventually traced to more than 18 with Liu has applied for registration of marriage, by upgrading "quasi Liu too gambia". Liu accepted the Hong Kong media interview, said that the statement has nothing to do with the time than married Miss Lu, a few years ago had been planning to get married. Ask him in so many girlfriends, why pick Gambi remarried, he replied: "not greedy for money than sweet, pure, not a bad woman, and always take good care of my children, kind-hearted. And not like more than and 10 years ago.相关的主题文章: