A striking record and how Knight odds to paper tiger ssdao

A striking record and how? The young knight odds: expose the paper tiger is also afraid of Mr. James led the 27000 win Beijing time on November 14th at 4:30 a.m., the knight will play the wasps in the youngest 27000 home court, Mr. James could continue in hot state, to help with the eastern Knight home court rival, Gambling company FUN88 gave his answer. [small] such as thunder Knight warrior forecast at the beginning of the season, the season in Cleveland State brave hand grabbed Warrior Champion James, playing basketball and even health, fans dubbed the three year old man. The main Le Fu, James, Erwin’s big three champions this season firepower, averaging 110.6 points in the League second, second only to Durant and the Jinzhou warriors curry. The big three scoring more than 20 points, even once do not adapt to the knight system Le Fu also found sight. 12 Knight away wizards, James not only scored 27 points, 27000 points to become the youngest, is the triumph of the Knights award. On the other hand, come this season Jeremy Lin’s Hornets played a season performance beyond all expectations, once with 6 wins and 1 losses record ranks first in the East, but after yesterday to Toronto has once again returned to the Knights hands first throne. Different from the knight star play, the season Joe master team pursue collective basketball, is the team’s first Walker only averaged 32 minutes of playing time, you know, the next James pursues health basketball for 36 minutes of playing time. Thanks to the race earlier in the season, the Hornets frequently battle underdog striking record is currently 75%, fourth in the East. The game opened the Gambling company FUN88 Knight odds of 1.10 wins in the Hornets this season, striking record, under the condition of multi flowering team still open so low – compensate, the Hornets at Knight, defeat fear can hardly be avoided.相关的主题文章: