Before the battle mazhengwei moves Xinjiang War Map teammates kaya scodelario

Before the battle "mazhengwei" moves Xinjiang War Map teammates Marbury micro-blog with the Beijing morning news (reporter Liu Chen   CBA) the playoffs started tonight, Beijing Shougang Basketball will be launched in the home court and the Xinjiang team 14 finals of the first two teams clash, yesterday to the Wukesong indoor stadium to adapt to training. After the training course in February 13th due to the absence of Shougang team coach Min Lulei yesterday in the training field, led the disciples completed tactical exercises. Shougang team second resumed training, the team to stay in Beijing new year lunar New Year’s day also went to the Wukesong practice. The team recently appeared in several "sick": Maurice because of gastrointestinal discomfort, absent from the fourth day of training in the transfusion treatment to the hospital after the fifth rushed back; faxus cold still insist on training. The good news is that the return of Yue Sun elbow in the team focus. Although the elbow also need protection, but the king said, since the decision he will go back in the postseason. Min Shuai appeared to have a fever situation during the Spring Festival, the fifth he bravely with finished training, the training in the absence of rare, hospitalized. The current war, yesterday he appeared in the training field, led the disciples of the technical and tactical training. The Xinjiang team arrived in Beijing yesterday afternoon, and 2 hours of training adaptation. During the Spring Festival for the opponent did not relax, and 2 regular season meetings were to win, in the strength and psychologically prevail. In the prediction of many media, Shougang is not optimistic about the party. In this regard, how to see Marbury? Since the beginning of February 12th, a top micro-blog is replaced by a composite photo: Photo half is the cloudy sky, the angular position on the left, CBA trophy supreme Ding shining through the clouds, a beam of light projected onto Marbury, while he was dribbling towards the Supreme tripod. The horse with the text meaning of faith, you can do it. On the day before the game last night, 6 points to 09 points, "mazhengwei" micro-blog update, and issued a series of photos with: the main figure is positive he dribbled the photos, the background is the panorama of the Wukesong All seats are occupied. The horse encouraged his teammates toward the goal in mind to accept the challenge bravely. 硬仗前 “马政委”出招 战新疆发图激励队友 马布里微博配图   北京晨报讯(记者 刘晨)CBA季后赛今晚打响,北京首钢男篮将在主场与新疆队展开1 4决赛的首场交锋,两队昨天都前往五棵松体育馆进行了适应训练。此前因病缺席2月13日训练课的首钢队主教练闵鹿蕾昨天出现在了训练场上,率领弟子完成了战术演练。   首钢队大年初二恢复训练,留在北京过年的队员大年初一还去五棵松加练。球队最近出现了几个“病号”:莫里斯因肠胃不适,缺席了初四的训练,在前往医院输 液治疗后,初五火速归队;方硕感冒仍在坚持训练。好消息是,肘部受伤的孙悦在球队集中时归来。虽然还需要护肘保护,但“大圣”表示,既然决定在季后赛回归 他就会全力以赴。闵帅在过年期间出现了发烧的情况,初五他咬牙坚持带完了训练,前天则罕见地缺席训练,入院就医。大战当前,他昨天准时出现在训练场,率领 弟子进行了技战术训练。   新疆队昨天下午抵达北京,并进行了2个小时的适应训练。这个对手过年期间也没有放松备战,而且常规赛2次交手均 取胜,在实力和心理上都占据上风。在很多媒体的预测中,首钢队都是不被看好的一方。对此,马布里怎么看呢?自从2月12日开始,老马置顶的微博就换成了一 张合成的图片:图片上半幅是乌云密布的天空,在左上角位置,CBA冠军奖杯至尊鼎的光辉穿过乌云,一束光投射在马布里的身上,而他正在运球奔向至尊鼎。老 马配文表达的意思是——坚定信念,你可以做到。就在开赛前一天,昨晚6点09分,“马政委”更新微博,发出又一幅同系列的照片:主图是他运球的正面照,背 景是五棵松内场座无虚席的全景图。老马鼓励队友们向着心中的目标去勇敢接受挑战。相关的主题文章: