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The bus stopped on the road in the dead fire white haired mother-in-law (Figure) – cart help Beijing passengers in the rear of the vehicle on the left is a force of the cart, grey-haired mother-in-law. Guangzhou daily news (reporter Su Junjie photo coverage) the dead fire buses parked in the road, the passengers want to help push the car to the roadside so as not to affect the traffic, but the accident vehicles help restart, is to help people to help, good news. Impressive, even the white haired mother-in-law also joined the ranks of the cart. This is yesterday at 5 pm, occurred in Chigang road scene. The incident coincided with Friday rush hour, a 226 bus via Chigang road when suddenly the dead fire, parked in a narrow lane blocked the road. Bus drivers try emergency repair about 5 minutes, still unable to let the car to restart, had to let the passengers get off. Bad car parked in the middle of the road is not a way to block, he had to get off the passengers to help, asking them to help in the cart, push the bus to the side of the road. A couple of young male passengers quickly, without demur went to the rear of the car to go cart, together with the force. We were surprised to find that, a white haired woman also generous strength to join the cart team. Although the rear of the car was covered with dust, the enthusiastic passengers did not complain. Unexpectedly, just push the car one or two meters, the driver of the eldest brother by the passengers to provide a little power to restart the bus, passengers have to get on the bus, continue to travel. A thief shout at Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xiao Guilai correspondent Wang Shimei, Su Hong) in the morning of September 5th,? Export terminal station boarding a 309 line bus driver, with a shout, help a female passenger to recapture the stolen mobile phone. It is understood that at that time a lot of passengers queuing, a female passenger car is looking for Yangchengtong card, a man suddenly rushed into the car pushed to the back door of the car, no time to run, ready to get off. "I quickly asked the woman if she lost something, she immediately found the phone lost. I shouted to the man, ‘stop!’" Driver Huang Bin memories. Master Huang snapped at everyone’s attention, the thief got away, but the car saw standing in front of a security guard, he was stopped at a loss. Female passengers quickly ran past, took the phone from the man. Subsequently, the man quickly fled the scene. Female passengers happy to run back thanks to master Huang repeatedly, the car also came the passengers applause.相关的主题文章: