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Home-and-Family Since its invention in 1886, the ceiling fan has evolved dramatically. This essential household fixture was once powered by energy generated from water, to cool homes prior to the widespread use of electricity. Today, there are countless benefits to installing ceiling fans throughout your home – but some of the advantages might surprise you. Aesthetics With an abundance of choices provided by a half dozen or so reputable manufacturers, it is easy to find an attractive ceiling fan that suits your decor and personal taste. Ceiling fans are available in designs and styles including: sports, children’s themes, tropical, pastels, wood, modern, wicker, classic, metal, bright colors, and more. Some ceiling fan parts can be changed out (for example, glass covers, pull chains, or reversible blades with a different design on each side) for further customization. Ceiling fans are both practical and beautiful, allowing you to enjoy functionality and form with aesthetically pleasing fixtures.;cor and appeal of each room. Money-Saving Besides adding an element of style to a living space, ceiling fans are practical and energy-saving devices. Even if you have central heat and air conditioning in your house, the added use of ceiling fans can lower your energy bills year round. In contrast to air conditioning units, ceiling fans require little maintenance and are easy and inexpensive to repair.. Space-Saving With regards to ventilation and air circulation, ceiling fans serve the same purpose as floor fans, but without sacrificing valuable living space. Additionally, ceiling fans provide an inherent safety (particularly where children and small pets are concerned), which is not available with standalone units. Similarly, the wiring is attractively hidden, which is another advantage to ceiling fans vs. floor fans. With floor fans, lengthy cords may have to traverse high-traffic walkways, which can result in a tripping hazard.. Ceiling fan blades vary in length, with longer blades providing maximum circulation for larger rooms. Environmental Conditions The use of ceiling fans can lower your overall energy consumption, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, individuals with allergies will find they respond better to the use of ceiling fans as opposed to central air conditioning, as mold can grow in vents and ducts without proper cleaning on a regular basis. Lighting Ceiling fans are available without or without built-in lighting. Lighted ceiling fans provide the added advantage of overhead lighting, which is ideal for a playroom, dining room, bedroom, etc. Various types of lighting (spotlights, diffuse lighting, frosted glass, etc.) provide many additional style choices for your selection.. Convenience Ceiling fan remote controls (available with some models) provide added convenience with the ability to adjust lighting, fan speed, and on/off. If you’ve been debating whether or not to add ceiling fans to your house, it’s easy to see the many advantages that .e with adding these attractive and cost-saving appliances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: