China will be included in the village of Singapore card popular area Beijing to implement qua-cibi

Singapore will be included in the China Zika   epidemic area; Beijing to implement quarantine society Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) for the recent development situation of Zika outbreak, the national quality inspection administration will be the first time in Singapore Zika virus disease epidemic area. In this regard, the Beijing entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Beijing CIQ) take "Quarantine" prevention and control measures to prevent the epidemic. Beijing CIQ according to the change of Zika virus disease epidemic areas and focus on the recent flight analysis, adjust the port target flight list, the implementation of the "Quarantine" from endemic areas of flight, and focus on the part of the flight by using self-developed "Entry Inspection and quarantine personnel information collection system" key passenger information acquisition. The city also strengthened the focus from the Americas and Southeast Asia in endemic countries the quarantine inspection and monitoring of symptoms, symptoms of attention personnel contact history and travel history and case history of mosquito bites, and make symptomatic personnel in medical investigation work. At the same time to strengthen the epidemic from endemic areas of transport, cargo, containers, luggage, parcels, express the quarantine inspection and the port area of mosquito monitoring. Beijing National Bureau of investigation is still in the capital airport entry channel, Beijing international travel health care center for the return of the people to provide the village card virus voluntary testing services. (commissioning editor: Bai Yu)相关的主题文章: