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Fans must Manual! The new season focus on the market you deserve to have a big fight you deserve! Sina sports news along with the best national team in Rio to wear the Olympic gold medal, the sound of the sound of Spalding basketball floor should be in our ears: it is time to look forward to the new season NBA. With the NBA League announced the new season schedule, some important days are worth marking. What will be the highlight of this year’s Christmas? Kevin – when will Durant return to Oklahoma City? Now let’s look at some interesting events on the schedule. The start of the new season: three games in October 25th. The official opening of the new season is Shinco Champions Cleveland team and the New York team Nicks reloaded. Lebron – James and Cameron – the good foundation of the couple will debut with Anthony to see who will be better. Then there’s the Blazers and the jazz. The German Center Tibor Pelaez want to play better than last season. Of course, the first day of the season and an absolute war: the warriors against Spurs last season, the best record and the Western Division’s second best team will meet. On the following day, October 26th, the other 20 teams in the League will open their new season. Their opponent is the Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlile’s old club: Paul George led the Indiana pacers. Russell – Westbrook will open its own personal journey, opened his first opponent is the Philadelphia team of 76 people — for an impending "monster", is a good practice object. For the first time this season will see the team’s first German defender Denis Schroder will begin in October 27th game, his first opponent is to come to Atlanta to stay in Washington wizards. This day is the final stage of the Losangeles clippers, they will play against Portland. Rookie observation: the collision between the top new people chosen this summer will naturally draw more attention. In December 16th, 76 people team show champion Ben Simmons and the Lakers will show Bangyan Brandon Ingram meet next time they will have to directly touch the opportunity to stay until next March 12th. In addition, the long-awaited Celtics overall pick Jielun Brown and Simmons to the 4 Eastern Division clash. Boston and Losangeles have a long history of competitive relations, the Lakers can go to Boston every time to hear "Beat-L.A." The voice — in February 2nd of next year, Ingram will be the first time in the TD garden feel. A month later, the young Brown will also visit the Staples Center, enjoy full of hostility. The first three games of the league this summer super star — Chris Dunn must follow the Minnesota Timberwolves in season two against the Grizzlies, but his opponent is this year signed a maximum salary of Mike conley. Feinikesi suns selected European genius Dragan bender will face the thunder, the warriors and fast)相关的主题文章: