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"In July and she won the praise of" adaptation of IP   Peter Chan: the trend of the network with dignity — entertainment channel — original title: Peter Chan: the trend of the network is used for the dignity of this summer in the film adaptation of IP have one word of mouth on the occasion, Peter Chan and Derek Tsang teamed up to bring the baby to Anne’s novel of the same name the movie "in July and she" (released in September 14th). And before the adaptation of IP favored small meat compared "in July and she" is more traditional — Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou are not idol, just for their roles; the original story made a great adaptation, a sense of the times without a network word, depicts a small girls under the age of mind. The film premiere in Beijing yesterday, harvest a good evaluation. Said the producer Peter Chan told the Beijing morning news reporter, to the mainland for so many years to understand a truth: he is not down to earth down to earth. "Those things on the network trend is weak, is floating, the film can be borrowed, but in the movie with a real, with dignity, is really down to earth." Describe the little girl — the era of success of Peter Chan find half the actors said baby Anne in the original "in July and she" most impressed him, one is the sense of the times, the two is the triangle relationship between characters. Derek Tsang’s film "in July and she", Ma Sichun, played by Dongyu Zhou in July and in 1997 she became close friends, together with the youth, the interpretation of the small girls under the age of delicate mind, showing a relationship beyond the love of "soul mate". In the film, Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou are performing subversion of the past to the audience the impression is very fit and quiet, July. Derek Tsang said, "Ma Sichun in the left ear" in the wild in the Dongyu Zhou rebellion, "under the Hawthorn Tree" in a gentle and quiet, but in reality, the two of them the character is in turn, "I think we should let the audience see their character is what. Sure when rain with pure thinking, we also have changes in the script, with their own character. When shooting, try to let them into the role, to show their true character. I think the more confidence between the actor and the director, the more tacit understanding. They trust me, they will not let others see the other side also come out." As the film’s producer, Peter Chan also agree with Derek Tsang’s argument, an actor is the creation of a very important link. Peter Chan said: a lot of time you choose the right people, in fact, is already half the success. The other half is not their live performance, but you follow the actor’s personality to modify the script, so that she and the role of integration. After this step is completed, at the site of filming is in fact not what difficulty." The director of the Hongkong mainland theme — director control should be modest sponge film "in July and she" in the description of the girls delicate mind at the same time, but also show changes in mainland decades inadvertently. From the white shoes rubber bottom to the old section of the NOKIA or Samsung clamshell mobile phone, from the small ads plastered Beijing Tongzilou corridor, in the film "to fly", "pussy" direction, can evoke 80 collective memories. This)相关的主题文章: