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"Master" send blood master masterpiece Trailer Wei Fan geisha modeling exposure – Sohu entertainment Lu Zhengyu Amber Kuo Street – click to enter [HD Photo] entertainment Sohu directed by Lu Zhengyu and starred Amber Kuo, and Wei Fan, Joan Chen starred in the Spring Festival New Year comedy film "peerless master" today again exposed a "Japanese blood master" the trailer, by the Japanese action star Kurada Hosho said as "a second man" to challenge a Japanese master, played by Wei Fan fallen Street hidden grandpa. The world of martial arts but not fast breaking, when the fastest in faster, a domineering and warm man fighting swordsman fallen street was a triggered at any moment, wool pants in the invisible. The plot reversal, hilarious, embodies the "Lu style comedy funny skill, silhouetted against the powerful comedy film. Say goodbye to Kurada Hosho Wei Fan Wei Fan in other geisha first exposure "a second male" Kurada Hosho "three gas" shocking debut this trailer tells Kurada Hosho play called "a second man" a Japanese master surface and strongest, Wei Fan plays the most powerful battle between the warm grandpa. The film moves never more than a second to Kurada Hosho, "murderous, anger, beriberi" three power domineering debut, bluntly fallen street has provoked my grandpa war, but Wei Fan smile show the utmost solicitude, challenge. Suddenly, Kurada Hosho found himself wearing a fancy tricky, but also meet the aesthetic "sweat pants, even above knit up their own cartoon. Come and go, the Japanese swordsman show the white feather in the end of the trailer, shouting "Mie butterfly", the story is so amusing, reverse, daydream. Playing Japanese swordsman action star Kurada Hosho trailer, also starred in include "fist of legend", many famous action movie, a generation of fans of the classic memories of action. Kurada Hosho himself is a martial repair deep karate master, worked with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and several other martial arts superstar has worked. For this time the movie "peerless master", Kurada Hosho said 50 years of his career, had never encountered such a role. And starring Wei Fan had earlier revealed that in the "master" will be peerless with amazing style appearance, the first exposure of new geisha style, such a large scale is the breakthrough more in other highly anticipated. Wei Fan and Kurada Hosho, two star, will show more well-educated and trained in military exercises, war showdown in the film, people look forward to. Kurada Hosho tears Dongying Blood Trailer limit run Lu style comedy film "laugh the vast Lunar New Year’s Day" is Lu Zhengyu’s masterpiece master big screen directorial debut, but also its dormant for three years after the first shot of the movie works. In early 2009, Lu Zhengyu by virtue of network drama series "hip-hop Quartet", a record breaking 100 million hits record; then, Lu Zhengyu to the Internet Movie "peerless master" led "hip-hop Trilogy" popular network. From then on, "Lu style comedy" with a powerful and unconstrained style but not mere rhetorical form attracted a number of senior fans, "he is still a kid", "Hey ha, who sent you to me" comedy stems so far!相关的主题文章: