Owners refueling suspected to pay 233 yuan unlucky knocked tanker (Figure) 9c8947

The owners of the gas too unlucky to pay 233 yuan down filling machine (Figure) original title: too amount of "unlucky" knocked refueling scene late on November 7th, Changsha Shaoshan Loudi high-speed Hua Ming building A district service area gas station, a white car tanker knocked down, hit a black car. Zou Yuzhe Changsha net news November 11th November 10th, Hunan Province Highway Management Bureau announced that the evening of November 7th, long Shao Lou Hua Ming building A District high-speed service area gas station, a driver after refueling, refueling found the amount of "unlucky" drove tanker knocked down, hit a car was refueling. In this process, a gas station staff injured. According to the staff of gas station, involved drivers after the pit stop, the tank will be required. Wait until the fuel gun after the gun, the driver saw the amount of fuel for 233 yuan, immediately unhappy, that this figure is very unlucky, in the absence of communication in the case, the driver on the bus hit the gas throttle. Subsequently, other staff at the gas station reported to the police. When the police arrived on the scene, I saw a white car tanker knocked uprooted, hit in a black car, tanker base pipeline and cable exposed, there is little leakage of gasoline on the ground, one wearing overalls refueling Manlianshixue sitting on the ground. Subsequently, the injured gas station staff were sent to hospital for treatment, the driver was also taken away by the police. It is understood that the driver in a dangerous way to undermine public facilities, as well as causing injuries and property losses, in addition to face legal punishment, but also bear the corresponding civil liability. Currently, the case is being processed. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: