Peng Qinghua meets with The Belt and Road overseas situation investigation service group — local le-christie stevens

Peng Qinghua meets with "The Belt and Road" overseas situation investigation service group — local leaders — original title: central United Front Work Department organization of overseas students to study in October, Guangxi 15-22, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the central rate of Dai Junliang "The Belt and Road" students study situation service group to come to Guangxi to carry out inspection activities. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the regional party committee, met with the delegation in Nanning. Peng Qinghua welcomed the arrival of everyone. He said, as the frontier minority areas, Guangxi to participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction has the unique geographical, ecological, advantage and development prospects, but also has the talent shortage, lack of education and innovation ability of the short board, in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, rural poverty alleviation and other aspects of a comprehensive not only need to continue to work hard, the whole region, also needs the strong support of all aspects. Studying the service group members are related to the field of prominent experts and scholars, academic leaders and creative outstanding people, welcome to visit Guangxi, negotiate, investment, and suggestions for the development of Guangxi suggestions, help us to further do a good job. Dai Junliang pointed out that "The Belt and Road" overseas situation investigation service group, is an important measure of the United Front service "The Belt and Road" strategy, aims to help students improve the cognitive situation, promote students participate in social services, and actively cooperate with the Guangxi development demand, economic development, technology, talent, education, medical and other precise poverty the project, to promote national area of poverty alleviation and economic and social development in Guangxi. He hoped that the majority of foreign students to fully grasp the advantages of Guangxi, Guangxi investment and entrepreneurship, to achieve a win-win situation. Autonomous Region Party committee, United Front Work Department Minister Li Kang attended the "The Belt and Road" overseas situation investigation service group in Guangxi for the launch ceremony in Guangxi’s economic and social development and services "The Belt and Road" Strategy Briefing and speech. Studying the service mission, China Academy of Engineering Li Wei, Horizon Research Consultancy Group Chairman Yuan Yue, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Belt and Road Initiative "Strategy Research Center Director Liu Weidong spoke at the meeting. Beijing Ciming Health Checkup, Limited by Share Ltd, sun power Limited by Share Ltd, Fujian Province overseas students? Quanzhou Overseas Students Association, Harbin Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd Cihang site donated money, a total of RMB 2 million 500 thousand yuan, for student poverty alleviation. Studying the service delegation went to Nanning, Beihai, Baise, Hechi four cities and some counties, on the construction of new countryside, poverty alleviation and development, industrial development, etc., to carry out various forms of matchmaking, counseling, visit and clinic activities, and love to the poor villages and poor students, and with the relevant departments of the autonomous region, research institutions exchange forum. Fan Xiaoli, Lan Tianli and Liu Zhengdong attended the meeting. (reporter Lan Feng Xu Danting (Wei Heng): Yang Yi, commissioning editor Yu Hai Chong)相关的主题文章: