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The habit of sleeping too pit, but also affect the child long! – the life of the mother and child of Sohu, nearly 1/3 of the time is used to sleep. Enough sleep is a guarantee of health, but you know? A little habit of sleeping is not good for the body! This habit is to turn on the lights to sleep! American Heart Institute experts pointed out: bedroom light is too bright, exposure time is too long, will induce obesity, high blood lipids, lack of sleep, or risk factors for heart health. How do Chinese doctors say that there is an endocrine organ in our brain called the pineal gland, whose main function is to produce a large amount of melanin during the night when the body is in a state of sleep. Melatonin can inhibit the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system of our body, make our heart to rest, and can play the role of killing cancer cells. One of the most important features of the pineal gland is that as long as the eye sees light, melatonin stops working. Some of the effects of light source covered eyelids, but the lights still feel the light. So, turn on the lights to sleep will cause the secretion of melatonin was inhibited seriously affect our sleep quality, greatly reduce the human body immunity function. Turn on the lights to sleep bad, more than you think! 1, reduce the quality of sleep, in fact, this is a kind of light pressure, long-term presence will make people restless mood, sleep time, sleep depth will become shallow. 2, visual effects will increase the risk of sleeping with the light on myopia! In particular, will affect the child’s eye reticular activating system, easy to cause damage to the retina. The stronger the light, the higher the probability. 3, the child is not high! Children in the sleep process will secrete growth hormone, light, growth hormone levels will decline, thereby slowing the growth rate. Attention!! Here the lighting not only say is usually open the lamp, more refers to the faint light, such as sleep at night you almost like a bedside lamp, sleeping on the sofa that forgot to turn off the TV brightness. For a long time with the lights to sleep, the body will produce some unhealthy change. Therefore, parents should pay attention to, turn on the lights to sleep is not good for your health, if the child used to sleep with the light on, then it must be corrected! Turn on the lights to sleep is the fear of the dark. This fear of the dark is mostly from infancy. Because during this period, the children’s favorite stories about ghosts and gods. And the background, content and character of this kind of story, and often in the evening or ordinary people can not see the darkness, in order to show the mystery. In the course of time, they will be on the demons and ghosts fear and darkness together, forming a dependence on light, lead to turn off the lights to sleep. This is one of the main reasons to turn on the lights to sleep. Secondly, in a dark situation accident suffered terrible things, or in the night had a nightmare, these horrible experiences failed to distraction, may also be caused by the fear of the dark. So, for fear of children, parents should teach patience, timely guidance, let the children become brave. Share the most abundant.相关的主题文章: