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The launch of Tiangong two astronauts with the bike and treadmill – Sohu news Tiangong two space laboratory is improved based on Tiangong-1 target aircraft backup products developed, a total length of 10.4 meters, a maximum diameter of 3.35 meters, the sun has a wingspan of about 18.4 meters, weighing 8.6 tons, the experimental class and class two class configuration of resources. Design on orbit life of not less than 2 years, the main task is to accept the manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft to visit, to carry out scientific experiments in space and related technology test, validate the space station construction and operation of related key technology. According to the plan, Tiangong two laboratory space launch, the development platform and the space application load testing, and the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft before launch, do a good job with the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking preparation. Because the Temple No. two, only one intersection on the interface, must wait for Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft from space, in the next year and will one day boat cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking. Tiangong two task density will be in orbit maintenance and space station technology verification, this will be the last comprehensive technical verification before building space stations in china. Tiangong-1’s main aim is to verify the rendezvous and docking technology, and Tiangong two will carry out large-scale test of space science experiments and space applications and space medicine experiments arranged reflected a number of cutting-edge science and technology development direction of the strategy of science and application tasks. Tiangong two was originally Tiangong-1 target aircraft backup products. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth Institute of Tiangong two chief architect Zhu Congpeng said that after the successful launch of Tiangong-1, this backup product has not been wasted, but it is the equipment used to do Tiangong two. "Because the backup products deposited on the ground for a long time, we carried out the life test of the equipment and materials, the replacement of some non metal materials, the equipment processing was done to extend the life of the Tiangong two, to ensure the reliability of quality." Zhu Congpeng said. Deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, she said, Tiangong-1 has launched earlier in March 16, 2016 fully completed its historic mission. Tiangong-1 is expected to fall in 2017, most of the structural components will be destroyed in the fall of the ablation process, cause of aviation and ground damage probability is very low, very unlikely. Tiangong two in the end, will fall to a controlled deorbit, the Pacific Ocean does not become space junk. China’s manned space flight three step strategy is now in the second stage of the second stage. Tiangong-1 successfully launched, China manned space into the space laboratory stage; the successful launch of Tiangong two, indicates that China will soon enter the space station era. The construction of the space station is the third step of China’s manned space engineering strategy, which is planned to be completed around 2020, and will be fully operational in 2022. The space station is the aircraft cabin, each cabin weight up to 20 tons, with a plurality of intersection on the interface, can realize multi vehicle and docking, so the future space station "man" will be much larger than the Temple No. two, the long-term orbit for more than ten years, the astronauts on the space station resident may reach more than one year. The construction of the space station involves the long-term resident of astronauts相关的主题文章: