The woman driver’s license is cheap coach cheated 3600 yuan tuition txplatform

The woman driver’s license was cheap coach cheated 3600 yuan tuition fees in October 14, 2015 18 at 06 PM, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau police station received advanced area residents Ms. Zhao said the report, in the advanced Kim residential street in front of the building being cheated. After understanding, Zhao neighbors get through a driving school instructor Wang’s phone, after the two sides met Wang to help Zhao preferential enrollment to learn to drive in the name of Zhao received 3600 yuan in cash, after they cannot contact wang. The police investigation found the suspect Wang, 43 year old Jinzhou native Wang in 2007 due to trouble playing at, from 2013 to May 2015 in Jinzhou a driving school as a driving instructor, in 2013 after the divorce with her 1 year old daughter living in the ancient city of Jinzhou District B. In September 1st this year, the police arrested him in the Wang family. It turned out that Wang in 2015, since March, many times to recruit agents to recruit students in the name of the implementation of fraud. In March 2015, 3 college students find Wang enrollment to learn to drive, Wang has two college students receive tuition fees totaling 4500 yuan; Chen, students in Liu and Wang also want to learn to drive, "enthusiastic" led two people to go to a medical examination, then to two of the tuition fees of 3500 yuan. Wang received tuition did not issue any receipts, nor to the school, but for personal consumption spending. In the first half of this year, Wang in the same way to defraud the victim Jeong, Zhang, Hwang 7000 yuan each. Wang to help victims to sign up to learn to drive cheap grounds, has defrauded 7 victims of 37500 yuan in cash, has now been taken coercive measures bail. At present, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: