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"A top ten thousand words of" Sun Qian acting was praised "temperature" entertainment "- Sohu sunqian a top ten thousand words of" entertainment news "drama stills Sohu one top ten thousand" is the film, the film is adapted from Liu Zhenyun’s novel of the same name film will be true and experience in Contemporary people in marriage the deep contradictions and pain. The movie is like a mirror, a misfortune and helpless in marriage and emotion on patriotism and sigh, can see their own in marriage to the repeated situation scene, has significant practical value very profound. Niu Aixiang and Niu Aiguo’s love and marriage, ordinary but not calm. Sister drank pesticide when young, 39 year old girl wronged married nearly 50 years of liberation of the song, the days muddy. Cattle brother wife Pang Lina suffered patriotic grief almost derailed, causing family murder. When Niu Aixiang and Niu Aiguo trapped in the marriage can not see the future can not read the moment when Zhang Chuhong lived in it bright and transparent. Zhang Chuhong is the key figure, when the cow to find his wife and escape under the guise of patriotic self closed near collapse, she is a "time is after, not before." the knife put down the heart filled with wisdom, greatly discerning and apprehending calm and restraint, look at the lives of the life in the harbour evil designs, see light and far away. Zhang Chuhong is the soul of the lighthouse confused life period patriotic cattle, there is also the most warm and firm power. So an important role if it is very easy to cause the improper performers handle and communication barrier between the spectators, as long as the role really is a heavy feeling, is the soul of the real effect is reflected. So how to eliminate the role of chicken soup flavor, to avoid the sense of becoming a performer Sun Qian in the performance of the interpretation of the focus of the process. Zhang Chuhong first appearance to recognize the patriotic scene of the cow, then recognize the eyes of many years old classmates suddenly bright, sun was born with natural and real eye lit instantly. It should be said that "a top ten thousand words" it pervaded the oppressive atmosphere, the bottom of little life hard, helpless and struggle of the family tragedy, let people see a heavy heart. However, Zhang Chuhong, like the film the warm touch of bright colors, not only let the cattle patriotism more bright, let the audience see a trace of hope and warmth. The highlight of Sun Qian’s performance is not only reflected in the appearance of the characters that look, but also to show the role of life after suffering through the calm and accessibility of the characterization. For example, Zhang Chuhong and Niu Aiguo in the closing night after drinking and chatting scene especially people arrested, after being apart a long time old classmate lamented the fate of marriage is full of regret, a true portrayal of life scene. While the sun Qian life acting, Zhang Chuhong’s interpretation of the extraordinary experience. She bowed with eyes of unforgettable night water circulation, especially under a. Most people are beating Zhang Chuhong and Niu Aiguo to a conversation at the scene, Sun Qian seems to be quietly performing, but even walk in the role of force "understand" life. Whether it is to say "things in the world are not considered, a deliberate, each hidden grievance" mood indifferent, or life is hundred times after grinding eye relief, suppression相关的主题文章: