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Why the family sold the house to send their children to the United Kingdom to read junior high school? This article first appeared in the WeChat public number of international schools parents circle, to know more of the original first article, please pay attention to the public number (ischoolQZ) here jot down since March the journal for me and my children, this is a very painful process, back up knowing joy, but a blessing or a curse at present the conclusion is not…… (a) to study abroad to make decisions: grandfather granddaughter? March, grandma grandpa returned from Australia and New Zealand travel. Since last year have been found in northern Europe, the outside world is very exciting, this trip is more open their horizons. On the way, a peer’s grandfather has been introduced his grandson experiences in England the study in Oxford, a great impact on the grandpa. After returning home to see Robing classmates more than and 20 pounds of big bags, to see the children every day in front of the desk and a flurry of papers do struggle, and don’t have time to play wonderful painting, see the teacher and the students do not speak to his family class, Grandpa anger from the heart. A very ordinary day, my grandfather, to discuss a great thing, so I did not sit, Grandpa and grandma took a passbook to pension house 3 million 100 thousand…… I do not know when to Grandpa so thundering done so great and hasty move. Grandpa said: "when you send you abroad, I do not feel not willing; now I want to send their children abroad, but I really don’t want to……" They said: "we want to let the children look at the world, the child in front of the desk, we looked distressed." Grade seven is in grade nine of the senior high school entrance examination first holiday in the placement exam, I finally finished thinking, want to understand "why" learning "the goal of education is what" "what is the most useful for children" fake problem. During the holidays, I gave us love the city and the top 50 schools to write e-mail inquiries, mainly to see if there is a vacancy. The school has continued to reply, because of missing in January of each year, the placement test, Oxford, Surrey, Guildford, Brandon has no vacancy, the London School has the final vacancy, but only a few, but because Robing at the age of 13, without exception, these schools requirements must be in Grade 9 English exam, completely ignoring the students Robing only grade 7. At the same time required by many subjects and the results proved that the school’s previous report, last transcript, teacher’s comments and comments, the senior leader of the school introduction etc.. Dealing with Robing’s school, it is a very sad thing, first teachers don’t understand this can still ranked top grade 50 children why want to leave, because of fears that have influence on the other children, do not recommend Robing to go to class. Followed by the country ranked the forefront of the cattle school site, the teacher mailbox, foreign propaganda page, etc. are not perfect. British school teachers need to send a lot of evidence from the mailbox, it has become a task can not be completed, because the school does not have a unified suffix mailbox…… And so on.相关的主题文章: