Xi’an home court tickets 10 minutes taking a space in the foot is not easy to love you (video) 66814

Xi’an home court tickets 10 minutes taking a space in the foot is not easy to love you ten minutes sold out network congestion yesterday in Xi’an City, you know what the most popular? By the way, is the national team in October 6th tickets. 30 thousand tickets, 10 minutes are looting empty, during this battle is comparable to the spring panic buying train tickets. However, not all of the hot applause, especially some ordinary fans, watching the "Crazy" scene, their heart is our life, it is not easy to say love you! The thermal network after the sale sold out in 10 minutes after a lapse of 15 years to return to the 12 strong Asian Games, the Orangemen will naturally become the meat and potatoes, but no one thought it will be sweet to the point. 12 noon yesterday’s October 6th and the Syria team started the ticket pre-sale, just 10 minutes all the pre-sale network page show tickets are sold out". Many did not grab the tickets fans feel very sorry. Four mobile phone, two computer, plus two familiar with network operation buddy, Liu Changming fans in 12 noon yesterday before they were well prepared to grab votes, but in the end he did not grab a. Sorry for this, Liu Changming explained, "hand grab is not fast enough, too many people, the Internet is a traffic jam, can not only watch TV at home in October 6th." But to feel the rush tickets of the popular level, this reporter yesterday afternoon to grab votes among the army before 12, the reporter in accordance with the requirements to complete the registration, and under the "expert" advice to complete the mailing address, 11:58 reporters began to constantly refresh the page, click on time to grab 12 points the ticket has been sold out, but 180 yuan, this reporter chose four tickets 380 yuan tickets, then in accordance with the name and ID number input operation, but unfortunately the page display has been sold out. In accordance with the steps of reporters were selected 480 yuan and 580 yuan tickets, but ultimately did not succeed, the reporter saw the price range of 12:10 all tickets have been sold out. Another can show the game ticket hot phenomenon is that the organizing committee officials and media reporters in Shaanxi the day before yesterday and is the collective lost contact, WeChat does not return, do not answer the phone, obviously they are afraid someone would "buy tickets. Cold and not all game tickets in China based on the field and applauded the Syria team is hot, there are several reasons for this: one is in the impact of 12 national football match, the Syria team is not a strong team, but decided Orangemen can finally win a key battle, if lost in the Syria team, also indicates that the Orangemen will likely be ahead of the game. Two is Xi’an has been known as the national gold medal City, Xi’an fans for the pursuit of the country has always been second to none. Three is this game coincides with the National Day golden week, many foreign fans have also joined the ranks of the ball. In short, all sorts of factors together, resulting in this game tickets hot. "Hot ball is a good thing, but to be rational, once mixed with other ingredients have become virtual high." Yesterday, dead相关的主题文章: